Cornish Pack Combo - Pack of 4

Cornish Sea Salt is a high-quality salt product that is known for its exceptional taste and unique flavors.

One of the flavor variations available is "Chili Hit," which adds a spicy kick to your dishes. It provides a perfect balance of heat and saltiness, enhancing the flavors of your favorite meals.

Another flavor option is "Really Garlicky," which infuses the salt with a rich garlic flavor. This variety is ideal for adding a savory and aromatic touch to your culinary creations.

For those who enjoy roasting, there is a specific "Roasting Salt" variation. This salt is specially formulated to enhance the flavors of roasted meats and vegetables, providing a delicious and well-rounded taste.

Lastly, the "Fresh & Zesty" flavor offers a refreshing and tangy twist to your dishes. It adds a burst of citrusy and zesty notes, making it a great choice for seafood, salads, and other light dishes.

Overall, Cornish Sea Salt offers a range of flavors to suit different preferences and culinary needs. It is a versatile and premium salt option that can elevate the taste of your meals.